Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Purple Rain

This is just a random purple look I decided to create tonight since I am busy feeling sorry myself while I come down with a cold.
It isn't terribly wearable since I filled my eyebrows in with dark purple shadow and used lilac blush but the eyes would be perfect for a night out.
Let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of these looks.

Monday, 21 February 2011


Sorry it's another one. I will be back with something different soon.

Models Own - Utopia

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Favorite Lipsticks - The Brights

Lipsticks are one of my favourite things in the world ever. I have so many it is hard to pick just one favourite but these are my favourite brights.

Top with flash. Bottom without.
Left to Right - Collection 2000 Orange Soda, Collection 2000 Cherry Bomb, Fern Cotton (no name), Mac Up The Amp, Mac Impassioned

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Lush Review - It's Raining Men

It's Raining Men is the new shower gel from Lush released for Valentines day. The scent is created around their popular "Honey I Washed The Kids" soap, Made with lotus flowers and infused with sweet orange and bergamot oils.
Upon first sniff I found it to be a lot fresher than the soap. I could definitely pick up the sweet orange and the honey element was a lot more apparent. In my opinion there was very little similarity to the soap and I found myself a bit disappointed.
Upon use the scent turned much more true Honey I Washed The Kids and the creamy toffee-fudge aroma that the soap is so well known for filled the bathroom.
As with all the Lush  shower gels this one can be used in your hair. The sales assistant suggested using it as shampoo to brighten my blonde locks. I gave it a go and I wasn't disappointed. My hair ended up silky soft and looking bright and fresh. Not only was my hair looking healthier than ever but it smelt amazing. The smell really clung to the hair and I got my honey hit every time I gave my hair a quick swish.
Normally I am not too bothered by the Lush shower gels but if you are a fan of Honey I Washed The Kids then this is a must for you. However don't forget it is limited edition so don't forget to snap it up before February 14th.