Monday, 20 December 2010

Xmas party OOTD

Last night was my work Christmas party. We had dinner and sipped wine at the fancy Marriott hotel. It was a fantastic evening and everyone got delightfully merry.
I totally forgot about an outfit post until the end of the night, so here are some late night, slightly tipsy, outfit of the day pictures for you all.

This is my first ever outfit of the day or face of the day style post. Would you guys like me to add the makeup I am wearing and where my clothes are from? Let me know :o)
What have you all been wearing to your Christmas nights out?


  1. Really like the eyes :) super pretty! xxx

  2. oh I loveeee your eye make up!
    what did you use?
    gorgeous xx

  3. i love love love your eye make up!!!! Gorgeous dress =) where is your dress from? and what have you got on your eyes? xx

  4. My eyes are just a Collection 2000 Dazzle Me, A gold Primark lose shadow and a black from a Sleek palette. Nothing over special.
    My dress is from George at Asda lol.

  5. Twit twoo, how hot are you?! I agree with the girlies above, your eye makeup looks gorgeous :).