Sunday, 24 April 2011

Outfit Mash Ups

Do you ever see certain items of clothing in a store and think "How on earth would anyone wear that?"

Do you ever see people in the street with the most obscurely put together outfit but some how it works?

Do any of you have friends who can literally wear anything and still look stunning?

I do.

And that would be Steph.

I constantly find myself in shops holding up items saying "This is beautiful, it would look great on Steph"
and not just me, a few of my friends do it too.

Now I am not saying her outfits are particularly strange or mashed up however she does make things look amazing that on other people just wouldn't work.

I suppose it is all about being confident and happy with what you wear. I really admire Steph for wearing what she wants when she wants and looking bloody good while doing it.

I adore her taste in clothes and fashion and love the fact she doesn't follow any rules but her own. She has been like this for as long as I have known her and knows exactly how to dress for her shape, size, height and colouring. You don't get much more fashion forward than Miss Steph. 

What do you think?


  1. She's gorgeous, love her style :) x

  2. oh my gosh- I'm drunk, and I'm reading this!
    I love you, and I don't think I do anything interesting, fun or different, but I just do what I like!
    That you for this miss Maxime, I love love you xo

  3. ah what a sweet post Maxime, Steph does look gorgeous in the pictures, but so you would if you gave some of those clothes a whirl. Like you said, it's all about confidence hun. :)

  4. Lovely post Maxime-bless you! A good friend ;)
    Steph does look fab and lush in these pics! I am lovin the first pictures as the colours and print on that dress just stand out to me. Don't be shy...give these kind of looks a might be surprisred! xx

  5. What a lovely post! :)

    Steph is gorgeous! I love her style!

    I've given some clothes/outfits a try that I never would have before and it's great! Confidence is definitely the key! :)


  6. Lovely post :) I agree, Steph always looks great. It is definately important to feel confident is your clothes, try it. Wear something you wouldn't usually wear, once you get your first compliment you'l begin to feel confident in it and it will grow from there :) I felt kind of odd wearing my ripped leggings at first, got a few strange looks, but a few people commented on how cool they were. Now, when I wear them to college people joke about how there ripped and I join in, they realise I'm not taking their jokes in a negative way and tell me that there pretty cool. I've gotten to the stage where as long as I like it, I dont really mind what people say. You're gorgeous and you could pull of looks like Steph does :) xx